Walking on Clouds

Inspired by the visceral beauty of the natural world, the Walking on Clouds collection was born out of a shared moment between renowned designer Miriam Fanning and the late Behruz Aligorgi, founder of Behruz Studio.

This collaboration between two industry leaders saw them draw upon their years of experience in design and production to curate a selection of yarns and styles to develop a collection which embodies the beauty of the clouds. The result speaks for itself; a contemporary, abstract collection made from pure bamboo silk, with organic variation and hand weaved utilising the traditional Tibetan knot technique. Versatile and colour customisable, this collection suits a variety of palettes, and each piece itself is a piece of art. 

“The rugs have such a rich story that extends beyond the product itself – I want people to understand and engage with that. I learnt early on the value of true relationships and partnerships and my connection with Behruz has been an emotive and memorable one. I’m explorative in my approach to design and love to understand the inner workings in how things come together. My relationship with Behruz and his family has nurtured this curiosity. At the end of the day, for Behruz, it was all about family, so it was heartening to collaborate with the boys and their makers to honour and remember Behruz while looking to the future”.

Miriam Fanning – “Works”, Untitled Press (2021).

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Walking on Clouds – Emerald Sky

Walking On Clouds – Night Sky

Walking on Clouds – Platinum