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Restoration & Cleaning

Restoration & Resizing

We offer specialised restoration and resizing solutions performed by our master restorer. Trained in Afghanistan, with highly reputable skills in rug restoration, our expert restorer possesses unique craftmanship and traditional skills passed down from generations.

In addition to our restoration expertise, we provide an exclusive resizing service that is meticulously executed by hand to perfectly match your desired measurements. Our resizing process involves precision cutting and seamless edge finishing, ensuring that your rug retains its original charm. Whether you’re looking to adapt your rug to a new setting or simply refresh its appearance, our resizing service offers a versatile solution.

Cleaning & Care

Behruz Studio offers a professional cleaning service for your rugs and carpets involving comprehensive processes that thoroughly remove dirt, soil and surface stains using specialised equipment. Our expert rug cleaning service also offers specific cleaning solutions including rug deodorizing, urine treatments and moth treatments. Whether it’s reviving colours, enhancing hygiene, or preserving the condition of your rugs, our dedicated team ensures excellence across every aspect of our cleaning process. Please contact us to arrange your professional rug cleaning service.

Our Cleaning and Care Guide is designed to help you maintain the beauty and longevity of your exquisite rugs and carpet. At Behruz Studio, we take pride in providing high quality products that effortlessly enhance the ambiance of any space. This guide will walk you through essential tips and techniques for cleaning and caring for your rugs and carpets, enabling you to preserve their condition and appearance for years to come.