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Custom Rugs

Bespoke services that is tailored to your vision

1. Consultation

1. Consultation

Make a time to visit our showroom and team in Melbourne to discuss your unique ideas or let our vast collection of designs inspire you.

Our consultants at Behruz Studio include interior and graphic designers who can work with you to ensure you choose the right sized piece; correct colours and textures to work in your space.

2. Design

2. Design

Select a custom rug design by our library or if you don’t have anything specific in mind allow our team to work on something new and unique especially for you.

We will then draw the design to scale, to your chosen colours and textures. We will ensure the character of your rug design works in harmony with its surroundings and also reflects you and your lifestyle. We will be practical both from a durability and budgetary view point.

3. Colours and Textures

3. Colours and Textures

We have over 6,000 shades of colour to choose from and can help you colour match or complement tones of other elements within your room. We work with the finest raw materials to create rugs of exceptional quality. These materials include wool, silk, pashmina, linen, hemp, aloe, cashmere, mohair and various art silks. The yarn can be woven using different techniques including cut pile, looped pile, flat weave, soumac weave and needlepoint tapestry. We will assist in selecting the texture you require and also help you in selecting materials and colours that will suit the use of the room.
Dimensions and Shapes

4. Dimensions and Shapes

We can have your custom rugs and carpets woven in any size or shape required.

We can also provide unique wall to wall carpet and feature stair runners for residential and commercial purposes.

5. Artwork

Once we have determined all your requirements, our consultants will create a scaled image of the design for your approval.

This will be drawn to match the colours and textures chosen and will be captured as life like as possible.

6. Final Approval

Once the custom design and colours are approved, we will proceed with either a hand trial (sample) or weaving the main piece.

Weaving times vary greatly depending on the size, quality and weave required.

7. Final Finished Rug

Once the main rug is complete and arrives in our studio, our specialist team will contact you to let you know the exciting news of the arrival of your bespoke rug. Our team will then prepare the rug for installation.

The first step is to get in contact with us, or visit our showroom in Malvern.

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