The Sahar Collection represents a true masterpiece of artistry and craftsmanship, drawing inspiration form the mesmerizing sunsets, sunrises, and awe-inspiring horizons of Southwest Iran.  

Founded by American Haynes Robinson, Swiss national Behrouz Sarlak, and young Persian carpet producer Hamed Derakhshan, Sahar embodies a vision of combining minimalist contemporary design with organic materials and traditional production methods.

Originally based on the traditional Gabbeh rug woven by skilled tribal weavers, Sahar pieces have been elevating homes and spaces since 2000 through its innovative designs and use of the finest raw materials.

Despite the challenges posed by the Iranian embargo, the Sahar Collection has thrived and evolved with unwavering dedication. The production of these extraordinary rugs has seamlessly shifted to India, where the same materials and techniques are utilized under the strict supervision of the Sahar team.

With a commitment to preserving continuity, Sahar’s disciplined process involves using the design DNA of previous collections to create new, captivating design introductions. This approach instils a sense of natural flow and evolution throughout their entire collections.

Whether you seek a large area rug or a unique custom-made piece, our Sahar rugs can be tailored to your precise specifications. Experience the seamless fusion of contemporary elegance and timeless tradition – explore the Sahar Collection and elevate your space with these exceptional rugs.

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