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Introducing our Moroccan rug collection, a fusion of tradition and creativity that brings together both newly woven and vintage masterpieces. Each rug is meticulously handcrafted by skilled tribal weavers in the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco, using age old weaving techniques that have been passed down through generations.

The heart and soul of our Moroccan rugs lie in the inspiration drawn from the weavers’ natural surroundings. The designs are a reflection of the breathtaking landscapes, earthy colours, and rich cultural heritage of Morocco. Renowned for their free-form line work patterns, these rugs exhibit a unique artistic expression that adds character and depth to any space. 

Our collection proudly presents the iconic Moroccan rugs, also known as Berber or Beni Ourain rugs, cherished for their authentic craftsmanship and captivating beauty. From the intricate geometric motifs to the soft, luxurious textures, each rug tells a story of dedication and skill.

The allure of our Moroccan-inspired designs doesn’t end there. We offer a wide array of options, allowing you to customize your rug according to your desires. Whether it’s selecting the perfect colour palette, determining the composition that best suits your style, or tailoring the size to fit your space, we ensure that your rug becomes a truly unique and personal work of art.

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