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Luke Irwin ‘Mosaic

Established in 2003, Luke Irwin is renowned for his Mosaic rug collection, inspired by the discovery of a 2,000-year-old mosaic in the garden of his Wiltshire Farmhouse. Contrary to being a mere imitation of Roman mosaics, the collection seeks to infuse these ancient symbols of luxury with renewed vitality, making them relevant to our contemporary era.

Each piece is thoughtfully imbued with a sense of the worn, the distressed, harmoniously blending with the mosaic’s geometric elements, resulting in a poetic and beautifully structured expression. The aim is not to replicate the past, but rather to make these timeless treasures tangible for our present time.

The unearthing of this extraordinary discovery has sparked the creation of a truly unparalleled work of art, and we take immense pride in being the exclusive Australian distributor of the Luke Irwin Mosaic Collection. Each rug in this collection can be custom made to any colour, size, or shape, offering you a truly bespoke and personalized experience. 

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