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Amir ali Gorgi bk

Portals to a new universe

Painting, photography, video and sculpture have all undergone radical shifts in recent decades. New technologies and new aesthetic positions have affected all approaches: Art, as it has always done, finds new ground to break.  

It is perhaps timely then that another form of cultural expression breaks from tradition into new realms of creativity – that of textiles.

Amir Aligorgi is at the forefront of this radical approach. In many respects he remains a traditionalist. Like many before him, the skills required were handed down from his father. Many of the physical techniques remain in the hands of traditional weavers in far-flung regions of Nepal. But in terms of aesthetics, Amir Aligorgi is a trail-blazer.

He is a painter who instead of paint uses wool and silk. While he refers to traditional Tibetan, Chinese and Islamic iconography, he is as equally aware of American abstraction, pop art, expressionism and geometric design. Aligorgi is an aesthetic hybrid, unafraid of pushing the boundaries into realms of arcane and highly personalized visions.

“From a young age I have been a great observer and living in such a multicultural country I am the result of my own observations,” Aligorgi told VAULT magazine. “I always keep an open mind and try not to be fixed to one thing or one idea. This influences my work, yet at the same time does not influence it. My intention is to be limitless in the way I live and work.”

One moment there is a solar flare, in the next the eye of God. One may read a landscape or imagery from a religion of Aligorgi’s own imagination. From figurative to abstract, Aligorgi allows history, religion, mythology and contemporary physics into his pantheon. He references Kaitag embroidered textile art from southwest Daghestan in Russia.

The god Horus, a significant deity from ancient Egypt, makes an appearance. Cyrus II of Persia also known as Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Achaemenid Empire is at Aligorgi’s feast along with the ourea, the primordial deities of Greek mythology. The richness of Aligorgi’s sensual materials is matched by his imaginings and insatiable curiosity. 

Pushing the boundaries is in this artists DNA. He combines hand-drawn sketches and high-end Photoshop graphics. He travels to remote parts of the globe to confer with aged traditional artisans. He is a colourist of daring and bravura patterning. Aligorgi has gone well beyond making rugs – he is making portals to a new universe.

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