The Ariana Rug Collection, crafted by the Amhadi family, blends the rich heritage of Eastern and European rugs and textiles. This Afghani-American family brings their extensive knowledge and skill, spanning over a century, to create exquisite rugs using traditional weaving techniques and the finest natural materials. Each rug is meticulously handwoven in Kabul, Afghanistan, with the vision of becoming cherished antiques in the future.

More than just beautiful works of art, Ariana rugs have played a crucial role in reviving a traditional craft that was on the brink of being lost due to the ravages of war. Through their dedication, they have not only revitalized the Afghan rug and textile industry but also fostered a renewed sense of commerce and artistic expression. The Amhadi family has gained recognition for their involvement in political affairs, striving to bring peace and stability to their nation through their influential work. 

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