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About Us

Our History

Blending ancient crafts of colouration and weaving with the marvels of cutting-edge technology and modern materials, Behruz Studio specializes in sourcing rugs, kilims, and related textiles. Our expertise extends to custom rug and carpet design, as well as services such as carpet repairs, restoration, conservation, cleaning, and insurance valuations.

Established in 1984 in Melbourne, Behruz Studio experienced rapid growth, prompting the relocation to a purpose-built facility in Glen Iris in 2007. Our multi-level space encompasses a combined showroom, design studio, and gallery. This arrangement allows for distinct display areas: the main showroom on the ground floor, an innovative design studio on the upper level, and a collection of unique Global antiques above.

At the heart of the studios inception is Behruz Aligorgi, the driving force behind the studios creation. Behruz was marked by an insatiable curiosity, genuine authenticity, and a kind-hearted nature.

His unwavering fascination with various cultures and exotic adventures took him on extensive journeys, where he absorbed the essence of both ancient and modern, Eastern and Western influences. These passions converged in the birth of Behruz Studio. Behruz had a knack for seamlessly conversing about traditional and religious designs with Tibetan foothill weavers, all while passionately delving into the contemporary aesthetics of modern art. This fusion of interests seamlessly moulded Behruz Studio into a captivating blend of pioneering innovation and cherished heritage.

Behruz’s legacy lives on through his two sons, Amir and Omid Aligorgi. They combine the wisdom passed down from their father with their own unique creativity, preserving the studios core values while also adding their personal flair. They carry on their fathers dedication to passion, attention to detail, and exceptional service, honouring his legacy while adding their personal touch to every aspect of the studios journey with their team who hold the same vision and values.

Our Ethos

At the very core of our companys mission is an unwavering dedication to upholding ethical standards and values. Our founder, Behruz, journeyed across the world to forge meaningful connections and bonds with master weaving establishments, ensuring they aligned with our vision of ethical sourcing, labour practices, and creation methods. Our commitment doesn’t just end with partnerships, we pledge to maintain the highest quality and the most nurturing environments for our weavers and their families. They are the pillars of our business.

As we continue to honour and extend Behruz’s vision and legacy, we actively invest in the communities we work with and support initiatives that uplift the lives of those within our weaving communities. Our most recent endeavour has been providing funding for a state-of-the-art weaving facility in Nepal. This project is in collaboration with a voluntary non-government organization that primarily aims to empower and support women with disabilities who are battling poverty. By intertwining our business pursuits with our social responsibilities, we ensure that the tapestry of our work remains rich, vibrant, and true to our ethos.

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